About Us

After the successful launch of Overseas Indian Matrimony (www.overseasindianmatrimony.com), Elappunkal Enterprises has launched its first E-commerce business in the Jackfruit food industry by drawing inspiration from Kerala’s legacy as the prime destination of producing high-quality jackfruit products and premium quality spices. Our vision includes believing in the importance of incorporating healthy food habits.

Elappunkal Enterprises derived the name Jackfruitandspices.com to highlight its main products being Jackfruit and spices along with millets. The word “Jackfruitandspices” was selected because we believe a healthier and happier world begins with a healthier and more satisfied stomach.

The promoter Issac Chacko is from a remote Kerala village called Punnavely near Kottayam with many Jackfruit trees. His dream was to export Jackfruit products from Kerala to other parts of India and worldwide to benefit others, primarily due to its medicinal value in fighting diabetics, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

We have decided to sell jackfruit products, spices, and millets from the most valuable high-quality producers in and around Kerala to consumers through our online store.

For transparency, we do not produce everything we sell under our brand. We source all these products from well known, high-quality producers and farmers. We value partnerships with our suppliers and ensure that they get a fair price for their products when sourcing. We do this because we want our customers to experience the benefits of eating healthy, high quality, and wholesome food at its best price.

We are currently headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with an operating hub in Kerala, where we believe in empowering our local farmers and vendors by sourcing and distributing nutritious produce through fair-trade practices.

Tasty and healthy, our customers can relish and benefit. We encourage you to sip, bite and sprinkle –

– Shaj Issac Chacko & Sindhu Shaj Founder & Everything else!

Core Values

When you receive a product from Elappunkal Enterprises (jackfruitandspices.com), you can rest assured it has been sealed as a healthy, wholesome, and pure food product. We hold the following values close to our hearts:

We strive to keep you (our customer) healthy.

We source high-quality authentic products from the finest products in India and across the world.

We are determined to deliver the best consistently.

We give high importance to authenticity, excellence, and ongoing improvement.


We believe in being the change we seek.

We are constantly finding new, innovative ways to support the growth of the local communities we work with. Our vision is not just to make the world a healthier place but also a fairer one.

We always put kindness on a pedestal.

Warmth, affection, and integrity guide us through every interaction with our customers, vendors, colleagues, and other stakeholders.