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Chakka Varatti 250g

Chakka Varatti (also called Jackfruit preserve) is a classic, well-known food of Kerala. 

The word "Chakka" means jackfruit, and "Varatti" is jam. Closely related to desserts, this delicacy also consists of ghee and jaggery. Nutritious, fiber-rich and pesticide-free jackfruit that is naturally sweet. It is used as the main ingredient to make Chakka pradhaman/payasam, kozhukatta, kumbilappam, and jackfruit cakes etc. It can also be mixed with coconut and used as a filling for steamed dumplings.

Contains no added preservatives or artificial colours and flavours.


PREPARATION: Mix well according to taste and cook.

STORAGE: Store in an air tight container for prolonged shelf life.

INGREDIENTS: Dried jackfruit powder, ghee and jaggery.


Type: Vegetarian

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